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Sports Injury

sports is a competitive engagement in intense physical activity made up of separate events including running, jumping, throwing, and endurance exercises. In both this putting in mind athletes’ power, stride frequency,endurance and the specific sport technique in various positions to achieve maximum utilization of energy .More often in order to achieve excellence in competitions, elasticity, and flexibility in the game, several scientific/natural techniques needs to be put in place both during training, onfield and post-march or sport in order to maintain good health as we keep the body in shape through the season. In fitiphysiotherapy, we offer pre-training and post-march care for common sports injuries by treatment, sports counseling, and couch vs athlete biomechanics/proper body mechanics to minimize serious injuries through teamwork.

we work and support within us organized local clubs/sports teams or individual sportsmen to achieve their dreams

We treat the following 

  1. shoulder injury,
  2. Runners knee,
  3. muscle sprains,
  4. Achilles tendonitis,
  5. ankle sprain, concussions,
  6. low back pains,
  7. Tennis elbow,
  8. groin pains,
  9. shin pains among others

The best way to avoid suffering the most common sports injuries is to make sure your body is as prepared as possible. We cannot overstate the importance of stretching, warming up, and hydrating properly. Need more information on a condition we treat, or simply want to book an appointment then please fill the appointment form below, call us on +254 734 470 339, or email us at for more information.

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